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Welcome to Sofyah Holistics! Where “Healing within through the skin” is our motto, as well as our process!

We’re front and center at your service. We’re all about letting Nature do the work and opening you up to the Wisdom to do the same!

In her simplicity (Mother Nature)  there is absolute power to re-attain the balance that is our Health & Happiness! It is our pleasure to extend our products that have been made with the most gentle of care with your body in mind!

From lather to sheen, you’re guaranteed to open up yourself to an opportunity that takes beauty much further than just skin deep. In fact, every last one of our products are surprisingly delicious, nutritious, and last but hopefully not ignored - Edible!

Handmade Healing for Everyone

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They have companies selling facial créame to remove spots for Stars at $655 and It's pure Crap. If you want Th Real Natural Healing Balms for 10xs Less Go Visit http://Sofyahholistics13.com.~ Da13thSun

Thankh yah @SoFyahHolistics for my goodies! Used the salve yesterday, worked within mins & made me feel relaxed 13love to yah & yah business ~ Alitah Bey

Go check out @SoFyahHolistics for natural skin/hair products. Has my face feelin so soft + has an amazing smell. Made with love indeed ~ Alisa Bey

Yo yawl gotta check out @SoFyahHolistics for her bulk body butters forreal!! This stuff smells like chocolate and feels so buttery on yah skin, I even made my own white chocolate to eat (pics coming soon) et was SO GOOD lol. Make yah own & whipped chocolate body butters 9.13 ~ Leilani Bey