~Thankh Yah for Coming By, Please Enjoy our selection of Handmade Healing Butters, Cremes and Salves~

Healing Salves

Soothing Salves - Soothe your skin and all that ails it with our Salves. It cures everything from Boo-boo’s, Burns, Bruises, Rashes and even Bug Bites. Our salves take-over and penetrate into the problem so you don’t have to.

This collection is where you will find our Beeswax Based Salves.

This will be a bit thicker and waxier than our Body Butters and for good reason. Our salves are your go to for stronger healing needs. If you have pain, aches or cramps anywhere on or in your body here is where you shop.

As well as, for those times when you are congested and need 100% natural chemical relief to your common cold symptoms.