~Thankh Yah for Coming By, Please Enjoy our selection of Handmade Healing Butters, Cremes and Salves~

What We Are About

Fun Fact 💡:

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for what is introduced on your skin, to enter your bloodstream?


Each pore is a subtle doorway into the internal world that is you. The veins being the highways & byways carry and transport our most delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to every inch of our bodies, down to the very cell! Shocking, yes! But, this opens us up to the ability to approach our health dramatically from a different, seldomly traveled angel!


Our bodies; being the miraculous gift that they are, only ask of us one thing...and that’s to treat it as the gift it is, always will be, and always has been. So we say, if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin - because it 100% will go to the same places, in nearly the same fraction of time! Scary if you’re thinking of doing the wrong thing, but a absolute joy if you give yourself the freedom to do the right thing. Your body WILL respond back with efficiency!


Do right to be alright!


It’s quite simple, Get back to Nature!


To be your natural unyielding self in all your potential! It can all begin with just  finally saying “Thank You” to your body with our healing products and rekindling that precious bond we call vigor & wellness!

To properly stay on topic and blow your mind a bit more, Take a second to imagine living in a big and beautiful house. Every wall, every room serving a purpose for the whole of the ensemble. Really feel yourself there & relaxed with all your needs met. Even if something is amiss you just clean it up - aaaannnd harmony returns...Just breathe it all in.


Now, put 3 Trillion Doors & Windows on it.


Yes, you heard correctly. 3 Trillion.


To most, this would seem outlandish and bewildering to even think about, let alone consider. Yet we’re faced with that very circumstance everyday living in our body. That is the number of pores we have running over us!


Our body is our first, one and only real home on this Earth. We must treat it with respect, or it begins to address us in a manner that is far from complementary. By dis-ease, stress, pain, and sickness.


Once we realize that this “seemingly” living for one, is actually living for two - Body and Being - we begin to know our role in the foundation of our true wealth (health); which is the floodgate for all of the abundance life has to offer.

Which is why we don’t stop, Our passion is seeing you at your best! We know just how much we’re are bombarded with daily; Down to even the most minute of worries that can adversely affect our health. Whether it be the strain of obligations that touches all ages in the world we live in, environmental toxins, viruses, or bacteria, we’ve got you covered.


We know an insurance policy is only paper thick, Each one of our products is designed to seal, protect, and strengthen each and every Man, Woman, and Child from the safety of their home, into the monumental world, and back.


Our promise to be better for ourselves is a promise to our family, and all of whom we love. Let’s protect ourselves & take advantage of the pride of our own upkeep so our first assurance isn’t just on paper, but can be as deep, thick, and fortified as the blood coursing through our temples.