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Black Tea Rinse

Black Tea Rinse

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Our Black Tea Rinse is formulated using black tea made from Chaga Mushroom. The Chaga Mushroom is a healing powerhouse within etself, we then infuse th tea with our unique herbal blend and add in some therapeutic grade essential oils. All for th purpose of healing your scalp, hair and body.


Why Black tea for your hair?

Benefits of black tea on your hair:

-Black tea contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee. The caffeine blocks DHT, the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. -Reduces shedding.

- Adds shine and softens hair.

-Darkens hair or brings out natural highlights.

How to Use:

There are numerous ways to apply and use this product. This is a concentrated formula so you may or may not choose to add distilled water to dilute. Pour tea into a spray bottle, after shampooing the hair spray tea and thoroughly saturate the strands. Leave the tea on for 5 to 30 minutes.  You can rinse it out or leave it in.

Everyone's hair is different so you really need to be in tune with what your particular hair needs/how it reacts to the product.