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Cupuacu Butter
Cupuacu Butter

Cupuacu Butter

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Cupuacu butter is used to prevent dry skin, wrinkles, and restore flexibility and elasticity to the skin. Importantly, cupuacu butter has a high capacity for holding water. In fact, it can hold up to 4 times its weight in water making it great to help hydrate skin

Cupuacu butter comes from the fruit of the cupuacu tree that is native to tropical rainforests of the Amazon basin. The fruit is also the national fruit of Brazil.

Cupuacu butter has a high fatty acid content, being rich in five of the main fatty acids in the fatty acid profile (See Table 1). Fatty acids are important for hair health because they help stimulate hair growth at the follicle, combat dandruff and dry scalp, and they increase the amount of shine in the hair